Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Tree

One of the most important parts of the festive season, and my personal favourite, is putting up the tree. A christmas tree in a room really creates a feeling of home, warmth & comfort. I love love love twinkly lights and tend to only use them to decorate the tree, partly because my cats would have a field day pulling baubles & tinsel etc off. My tree has now been positioned & assembled and hopefully the lights will go on this evening when we are all at home

I have found some lovely images of beautifully decorated trees for all tastes, some even for space saving!!! Links are below each picture for relevant websites

Some classic traditionally decorated trees:

Contemporary Styling:

For those who have no room for a tree - a christmas tree wall sticker!!! i love this!!!!

This is from a shopping site in the US:
I am sure there would be similar sites for the UK - if anyone comes across any please message me (I want one!)

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