Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Home Tour: Our Home

I know this will appear right in the middle of all the Christmas stuff BUT I just wanted to share with you our home. We did all the work ourselves and I wanted to publish the photos before we change it again!!!

A wee bit of history: Inverdon was built in approx 1842 as a merchants house. Over the years it has changed from detached house to hotel (Hunters Tryst) and then onto flats in the early 70s. 

Our flat is the top right hand section & the right turret. It is lovely to live so high up and to have a turret is almost like a fairytale (even though it was decided that Malcolm's son Ethan would get that delightful room).

Above is the view from our flat. All we have in front of us is the old racecourse (now regularly used at the weekends for football tournaments & dog walking), then over to seafield golf course, the forest & then the Carrick Hills. 
Not bad at all..

The Hallway - We did a little bit of a feature wall here just to reflect what we did for the main feature wall (see below). A zesty lime green was chosen as there are no windows in this area so it would keep the area bright without just having it all stark white.

One of our feature chairs in the corner. The back height is approx 2m high and just looks fab! 
Ours has become part of the cat's obstacle course now and Loki is often found draped over the top of it!

more pics to follow of the other rooms soon.........

I can supply all the wall papers so if anyone wants any please let me know. They arent cheap but they are all a wee bit different as you cant buy them on the high st!!!! 

There is such a range of wall papers on the market so if anyone is looking for ideas please let me know......x

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