Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Tree

One of the most important parts of the festive season, and my personal favourite, is putting up the tree. A christmas tree in a room really creates a feeling of home, warmth & comfort. I love love love twinkly lights and tend to only use them to decorate the tree, partly because my cats would have a field day pulling baubles & tinsel etc off. My tree has now been positioned & assembled and hopefully the lights will go on this evening when we are all at home

I have found some lovely images of beautifully decorated trees for all tastes, some even for space saving!!! Links are below each picture for relevant websites

Some classic traditionally decorated trees:

Contemporary Styling:

For those who have no room for a tree - a christmas tree wall sticker!!! i love this!!!!

This is from a shopping site in the US:
I am sure there would be similar sites for the UK - if anyone comes across any please message me (I want one!)

Friday, 3 December 2010

Festive Lounges

After a quick browse on the net this morning, I have found a tonne of gorgeous lounges/living rooms that make me feel really festive!!!

I have chosen a small selection of them to share with you all

Using the traditional colour (red) makes this interior both gorgeous and rich
image from Art Studio Work

A fresh and very nautical approach to a festive lounge
image from Coastal Living

I LOVE this party wallpaper!
image from Art Studio Work

Beautiful, Gorgeous & Elegant
image from House To Home

Rich deep tones with bright coloured accents really look fantastic
This is an absolutely angelic & pretty lounge area! I think its absolutely serene

Monday, 29 November 2010

Tea at The Ritz anyone???

Last week my dear friends Jill & Tim took their family to The Ritz London for a fabulous afternoon tea. I asked them to take some pictures showing the completely glamorous & festive interior. I love everything about this place from the glamour to the elegance and the completely over the top Christmas decorations.

Everything about this place screams glamour and money!! I absolutely adore it!

Thank you very much to Jill Naylor for taking these pics and allowing me to post them. I hope we can see you soon x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Home Tour cont.

Our living room. I just loved this wall paper as its almost velvety to touch, really nice! Our bespoke corner sofa is something that I designed myself taking inspiration from various styles & designs and was manufactured & upholstered at Malcolm's work. Its sooooo comfy!
The furniture arrangement has changed somewhat since this pic was taken and with that I have decided that we are in need of a new colour scheme in this room!!!

our lovely window seat where we can sit & watch the world go by. Also see in the right corner our really cool acrylic dining chairs! if anyone wants more info on these please let me know. lots of colours available.

the alice in wonderland wall paper!!! bold, a little bit mad and i love it!!!!
I have 2 rolls of this Nono Wallpaper for sale on ebay just now (listing ends Tues 30th Nov)

Ethans lovely spring room! he chose this wall paper himself and we hung it horizontally instead of vertically (which was a little tricky as our walls run off at an angle because of the building being soooo old!!!)

The view from Ethans room, the turret. Gorgeous!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Home Tour: Our Home

I know this will appear right in the middle of all the Christmas stuff BUT I just wanted to share with you our home. We did all the work ourselves and I wanted to publish the photos before we change it again!!!

A wee bit of history: Inverdon was built in approx 1842 as a merchants house. Over the years it has changed from detached house to hotel (Hunters Tryst) and then onto flats in the early 70s. 

Our flat is the top right hand section & the right turret. It is lovely to live so high up and to have a turret is almost like a fairytale (even though it was decided that Malcolm's son Ethan would get that delightful room).

Above is the view from our flat. All we have in front of us is the old racecourse (now regularly used at the weekends for football tournaments & dog walking), then over to seafield golf course, the forest & then the Carrick Hills. 
Not bad at all..

The Hallway - We did a little bit of a feature wall here just to reflect what we did for the main feature wall (see below). A zesty lime green was chosen as there are no windows in this area so it would keep the area bright without just having it all stark white.

One of our feature chairs in the corner. The back height is approx 2m high and just looks fab! 
Ours has become part of the cat's obstacle course now and Loki is often found draped over the top of it!

more pics to follow of the other rooms soon.........

I can supply all the wall papers so if anyone wants any please let me know. They arent cheap but they are all a wee bit different as you cant buy them on the high st!!!! 

There is such a range of wall papers on the market so if anyone is looking for ideas please let me know......x

Friday, 19 November 2010

Festive Hallways

This is the first room your guests will see. This room needs to make an impact if you want people to get into the festive spirit!!!
No need for it to be tacky tho! here are some images that show a really nice grown up & contemporary approach to festive decoration! no tat involved!!!

This is just soooo cute!!! little things like the small reath above the mirror, the teeny parcels on the cake stand & the base of the tree wrapped in brown paper & string just give this a real homely feel!! not to mention the gorgeous white decoration string wrapped round the post on the left hand side.

Using traditional red against the dark wood makes this really rich & cosy

LOVE LOVE LOVE the baubles on the wall!! I might tackle this myself!!!!

Beautiful and Simple Elegance

The Grand Entrance

Ok so I have fallen behind already! Oops! I didnt mean to! I suppose thats what 5 days in the sun does to you! haha!

Anwyays, some inspirational images of Christmassy Home Entrances!!!!

How GRAND is this!!!!!!

Beautiful & Contemporary!!! Take the Door Decoration down and you still have gorgeous symmetrical greenery!!!

I love how elegant this is with the White & Green Symmetrical Greenery

A little fun with Nutcracker Styling

I just love this contemporary bouquet!!!!! With the red door adjacent it makes for a VERY festive entrance to a home!!!